Keeping a Journal

pm1This blog started as sort of a public journal because I was learning so much, experiencing so much, and I had a need to get it all off my chest. I wanted to tell everyone about my successes, difficulties, trials, and tricks I’d learned. However, I try to spare my immediate friends and family the daily details, as incessant discussion about diet and eating can be tiresome to those who don’t have a vested interest. I found this blog to be the perfect outlet for my thoughts, successes, and challenges. PaleoMarine has allowed me to speak my mind, to get the word out, and most importantly, to help people who were in the position I found myself in back in August 2015: looking for a way to get healthy and lose weight without trickery, surgery, or large financial outlay. I also didn’t think it was remotely possible for me to experience as much success as I have. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be nearing 100 lbs lost in ten months after starting by merely eating well.

I keep two journals; this blog and a private journal on my iPad that I type into every few days or weeks depending on what I feel like saying or getting off my chest. The public blog is updated daily. I find it to be a good way to focus, an excellent way to help others, and generally a good way for me to continue learning about nutrition and motivation. The private journal has been nice when I feel the need to get something off my chest and to share things and ideas that are more personal in nature.

I understand that weight is a very personal subject. My own weight has been a very personal topic for me. I used to be embarrassed by any discussion of my weight, health, or fitness (or lack thereof). I didn’t feel comfortable discussing my weight and health publicly until January of 2016, four months later and 50 lbs lighter than when I began my journey. It was only then that I gained the confidence to write my innermost thoughts in public, to allow friends and strangers alike into my head, and to know my thoughts and emotions while on this journey.

What I didn’t count on was how much this blog and my journal have helped me gather my thoughts, push me to learn more, and to be a record of progress that I can use to motivate myself. When I need some pick-me-up, I read my old journal entries where I am motivated, excited, and feeling optimistic. When I feel lost or distanced from my progress, I read old blog entries. Sometimes, when I’m feeling nostalgic or even when I feel unlike myself, I read from the beginning in chronological order to retrace the path I’ve taken thus far. To see how my thoughts and ideas progress and evolve throughout the journey has been a special treat.

I think that keeping a journal, whether on paper, in a blog, or even if it’s just a text file on a computer is really beneficial and can help you with your goals, your nutritional knowledge, and it can be a really effective motivation tool. Starting a journal can be free; just open Note on your computer and start typing or pick up a journal or notebook and begin writing. Either way, I think it is very beneficial and can help you immensely.

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