Progress Pictures

When I started my Whole30, my cousin Sarah told me, “As weird as it sounds, get a picture of yourself naked or in your underwear so you can compare it against your post-Whole30 photo.” I thought it was weird, but I did it anyway. I didn’t like what I saw, but I’m glad that I took that initial photo. When compared against my latest photos taken this week, the change is immense. I look like related people, not at all the same person.

September 2015 (289.9 lbs) to June 2016 (193.8 lbs).

I took photos every month for the first 7 months. Each month, I saw a difference, and it thrilled and motivated me. I began looking more and more like my old self, only (ehem) older. There were days, and sometimes even weeks when the number on the scale remained the same, yet my body was still changing. I was transitioning from being morbidly obese to just big. Then, from big to average. I’m now looking forward to the average to slim transition.

I have to relay this funny little story: One morning as I awoke and was walking to the scale, as is my morning routine, I glanced into the mirror. For the first time, I didn’t recognize the person looking back at me. I was startled. Perhaps it was that I was still tired or groggy and that my mind hadn’t yet adjusted to my updated self image, but for whatever reason, I stopped in my tracks and just stared into my face.

It was amazing.

That person looking back at me began to smile. I recognized that smile. The eyes, the cheeks, and even the chin (the chin was back!). I had a neck again!

I know it’s weird. It was weird for me too. Taking a photo of yourself in the nude, in underwear, or in a bathing suit (if you’re extremely modest) is not something we want to do when we are heavier than we would like. However, it’s a great tool to show you just how far you’ve come, and to remind you that success in weight loss and health manifests in more ways than just the scale.

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