Body Changes

IMG_2475Tuesday, I noticed as I was walking in the hallway at work that my thighs no longer rub together when I walk. This is not only a new sensation, but one of those realizations I can’t believe I am only now noticing. This made me think about the other changes in my body that have happened that I may not have paid attention to.

My arms hang closer to my body, and straight down. In the past, when my body was at its fattest, my arms would never go straight down. They would rest at an angle because the fat under my armpits was so big. Now, my arms hang straight down to my sides.

I can hold my hands easily behind my back. In the Marines (and in the military), this is known as “Parade rest.” I have been unable to do that for years. I found myself doing it unconsciously last night as I talked to my neighbor in his driveway. It was comfortable and felt completely natural.

I can run across streets without sweating and breathing heavily. I did this today as I picked up my new license plates from the tax office today. I came upon crosswalks that only had 11 seconds left (both times!) and instead of waiting, I knew I could make it across before time expired if I ran, so I did. The most glorious feeling overcame me when I reached the other side of the street: I wasn’t winded, tired, or sweaty. Something like that would have left me out of breath for at least two minutes in my fat body.

Scratching my own back is possible now. This is something I haven’t done in over two decades, yet now, if I have an itch on my back, I can scratch it. Now that there’s less fat restricting my mobility and flexibility, I can actually touch spots on my back I couldn’t think of touching just ten months ago.

My neck mobility is amazing. I can look really far now in both directions by turning my head. This is something I could not do before, and if I needed to look far to the side, I would have to turn my body as well. This is no longer the case as my neck flexibility and mobility are greatly improved.

I can fit into clothes better. Things made for thinner people just fit better. Things have less extra room in them which, while I’m putting them on, makes me think that they’re not going to fit properly. As a fat person, all my clothes were very stretchy and felt loose while donning. Thin people clothing has a lot less play and fits closer to the body. I do like how I look in my new clothing, but it is weird as I’m dressing.

There are some strange things that I’ve never dealt with before as well. For example, I do have a bit of skin accumulating at my midsection, both over my lower stomach area (beneath my belly button) and on my sides. Even though I am wearing much smaller trousers now, the skin takes up a bit of room. It’s not nearly as bad as I’d feared it might be, but it’s still something I notice.

IMG_2474I also find that the volume of food I eat is far less now, and I am satisfied sooner with less food. I used to love eating a lot of food. Not just until I was full, but even past that point. Now, if I overeat, I feel physical pain and my entire body reminds me that what I had done is not to be repeated.

As you lose weight and get healthy, your body will change. Most of the changes will be good, while some of them, while not bad, may be strange. I’m experiencing these changes all the time, and since they’ve happened to me over a relatively short period of time, its as if the differences are exacerbated. It also makes me feel like I’m living in someone else’s body now, which I didn’t expect. Overall, I’m happy to experience the changes, and I must admit that most of these changes bring a smile to my face. They are all signs of my dedication, for better or for worse.

Current stats:
Weight: 192.5 lbs (Started 289.9 lbs on 9/1/15)
Body fat: 20.5% (Started 47% on 9/1/15)
BMI: 30.1 (Started 45.4 on 9/1/15)

2 thoughts on “Body Changes

  1. EJ you are such an inspiration! I can not wait to loose weight. I talked with my son about trying Paleo together, but he tried many ways to dissuade me from trying. He thought he would be hungry all of he time. I let him know the meat alone is going to fill him up as well as all the veggies. Meat takes longer to digest so will help him feel fuller longer. I told him he wouldn’t have to worry about me eating sugar any more. He finally said he would try it with me if I would keep glucose tablets with me at all times. I said yes. When you have a moment, can you recommend a good Paleo book that would explain what a meal should consist of, portion sizes, recipes? Thanks EJ for your time and assistance.


    1. Hi Meg! My wife has found a good selection of books that have recipes and information in them that we find useful. If you go to her blog at and look at her recommended products list, all the books we have found to be useful are listed there. Good for you and your son for starting! Let me know if you need any info, help, or ideas!


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