Solid, steady progress

2016-06-24 18_06_18-StartThis morning, I found that I had made some more steady progress. I had been experiencing quite a slowdown in the rate of weight loss in April-May, but June has been a good month with 5.7 lbs lost. I’m very happy with that, as I’m getting closer to my goal. I’m also very pleased with 97.5 lbs lost since September 1st. I’m close to the 100 lbs lost mark (since September) while I’ve lost 116.1 lbs since August 2013.2016-06-24 18_07_18-Track My Weight on Fitbit

As you can see in the graph above, my current goal is 175 lbs. As stated in an earlier post, that’s my penultimate goal. My ultimate goal is to be 165 lbs or less. I’m hoping to hit that by September 1, 2016, my one year anniversary with Whole30/Paleo.

Current stats:
Weight: 192.5 lbs (Started 289.9 lbs on 9/1/15)
Body fat: 20.5% (Started 47% on 9/1/15)
BMI: 30.1 (Started 45.4 on 9/1/15)


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