High School Reunion

This past weekend, my wife and I attended my 30th high school reunion. We had a great time, and it was wonderful catching up with people who were influential in making me the person I am today. From my two biology teachers, my assistant principal, and all the people who were my friends and peers over 30 years ago, it was a happy reunion and it was great to be able to hug all these people who meant so much to me back then.

My wife and I at my 30th High School Reunion this past weekend.

My wife and I danced for most of the night and I have to admit it was one of the best times I’ve had with going out in a very long time. She mentioned to me that she thought we had danced more in that one night than we have throughout our entire marriage. I explained to her that it had nothing to do with being embarrassed and everything to do with the fact that as a heavy person, it was physically difficult for me to dance for longer than half a song or so. Now, at my lighter weight, it’s not only possible but enjoyable.

This made me think of all the other things I’ve been able to do since losing this weight and how it has greatly improved my quality of life. Not just the little things like flexibility and mobility, but the ability to really get around while on vacation and fit in so much more in a day than I could previously. My ability to hike along a river and climb small hills to see amazing waterfalls in Canada. My ability to fit into small seats and to get into the cockpit of the plane we flew in while sightseeing in Vancouver. Heck, just sitting in a booth at a restaurant or being comfortable in an economy seat on an airliner are things I never want to give up again!

I was asked by more than a few of my high school friends at the reunion how I feel now that I am over 100 lbs lighter than I was at the last reunion. I thought about it and I told them that while I may be older now, but I feel younger than I have over the past 18 years. I feel great, I feel healthy, and I no longer feel like an old man. I can get up in the morning and not be completely sore and I can go through the day without being winded, tired, or experiencing joint pain.

It’s never too late to eat right and change your life. The effects aren’t immediate, but they do follow quickly. My 70 year old neighbor started in April, and by June, he’s already lost 18 lbs and is not only feeling better and more mobile, but he’s using 25% less insulin and may be taken off other drugs soon by his doctor since his blood chemistry has improved so much. I’m proud of him and every person who has taken the steps to regain their health and lose weight.

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