Why does Paleo work?

In some of my own online reading today, I found an excellent article that explains why Paleo works. Here is an excerpt that sums it up nicely:

Because it very nicely balances calorie density and nutritional quality in a way that lets you lose weight by listening to your own hunger signals, not by counting calories.

This is what I think one of the main keys of my success has been: allowing me to listen to my hunger signals and not have to experience cravings caused by sugar.

I recommend everyone do their own reading and research. When you have questions about anything relating to the Paleo lifestyle, do some reading. Keep in mind that there are as many detractors as there are proponents, but weigh what each group says and decide for yourself which makes the most sense. For me, the pro-Paleo crowd made the most sense, and my results and improved health have added credibility to the Paleo lifestyle.

Grilled tuna steak with butternut squash and spinach.

I know that there are different body types and depending on genetic backgrounds, body chemistry is different. There are a few people I know who were unable to complete a Whole30 due to the way their body processes fats, but they are in the minority. That’s why we need to find whatever works for us. I do know, however, that going low-fat is not a good solution as many of the foods that cut fat add sugars to make them palatable. The effects of a low-fat diet are proving to be devastating to the health of those of us who have been taught our entire lives that low-fat is the preferred diet. It’s so pervasive that even many in the medical community continue to regurgitate this bad information to their patients.

The winds are changing, however, and more and more good, solid data is being released to show that high-carb foods are not as safe as previously believed. It’s up to you to do your own research and reading to get to the truth of nutrition that makes sense for you.

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