What was my greatest fear when going Paleo?

My driver’s license pictures taken in June 2014 (L) and  June 2016 (R).

I never really thought about any fears I might have had when I did my Whole30 or went Paleo, but I guess it’s because I concentrated so much on eating right and sticking to the plan. However, I would be remiss if I failed to mention some little nagging doubts I had at the back of my mind when I began.

First and foremost was the voice in the back of my head that said, “You want that pizza. You want that bread. You want that pasta.” The joy I used to get from eating those foods was immense. Emotionally separating myself from them was hard at first. If anything, I was afraid I would succumb to the cravings and eat those foods. It wasn’t so much cravings as just eating for the sake of eating.

I also had a voice in the back of my head that would whisper doubts whenever I was telling people about the Whole30 I started. That little voice would say two things: First, it would say, “You better stick with it or you’ll embarrass yourself,” and second, “If you fail, this is going to look bad for you.”

I experienced a lot of disbelief in my progress when the weight kept coming off. It was hard to believe it was really happening. However, when my progress would stall, the negative part of my brain would say, “See? Here it is. The bottom. You won’t lose any more weight after this,” or “This is what you get for eating something sweet.”

It is in those moments, when negativity and self-doubt strike, that you muster all the self-confidence, motivation, and determination you have and get through it. You have to cast away the bad thoughts, and remind yourself what the goal is. You have to think about what it is that you are trying to accomplish and how much effort you’ve put into it so far. Throwing that all away for the short-term gratification of something that goes against your eating plan is just not worth it.

I tend to feel very guilty anytime I eat foods that aren’t part of the plan whether it’s just a little treat or a holiday. It doesn’t matter for me; I feel badly as if I’d let myself down somehow. This feeling is very strong for me, and it is exacerbated when the scale punishes me with a gain or a long plateau. I dislike that guilty feeling so much that, in and of itself, it is almost enough to keep me on the straight and narrow.

Whatever it is that helps drive you and keep you on the path, you have to find it. We’re all different and we all have different reasons for eating right. We all face those demons, though. I like to think that it’s the Sugar Dragon finding its way into our heads to get us to eat some sugar. Like any addiction, the voices are strongest when we are freshly cut off from the source of the addiction.

The good news is that now that I’ve been off sugar for nearly ten months, those negative voices are fewer and farther in between. It is rare for me to get the negative voices, though they can pop up here and there. When they do, I remind myself that I’ve lost over 97 lbs in under ten months, and I’m doing okay. This is no race; I can take my time and I’ll be alright.

2 thoughts on “What was my greatest fear when going Paleo?

  1. Even though my body needs to stay on the ADA plan, I was a sugar junky. Even though I am diabetic, I would still eat pastry, doughnuts, ice cream and the worst was cake. I would make up for the sugar spikes with extra insulin. I, with the help of my son, pointed out that I was killing myself slowly and that some day, my pancreas would stop working altogether. There are wonderful products that are sugar free like candy that tastes almost exactly like the real thing. If more than one or two pieces are eaten, you will have enough gas inside to play bag pipes and enough other stuff to have to run to the bathroom. Definitely not worth it! Your section as well as reading ADA literature has helped me remain sugar free (seeing the film on sugar consumption was an eye opener). As a diabetic, I am not supposed to eat white things like rice, potatoes, bread and try for whole wheat pasta. Please know that even though my system can’t handle Paleo, the information you have provided give just us Diabetics that much more will power to stay healthier. Thanks for all that you do!


    1. Thanks, Meg! I am glad you are finding some good information here, and that you’re finding ways to eat better and to get healthier!


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