Eat Right.

Eat right. Period.

Eat good food + don’t sit all day = be healthy.

It’s that simple.

Notice, I’m not saying eat Paleo. I’m not saying go Whole30. I’m not saying become a vegetarian. I’m not saying become a gym rat. Just eat good food and don’t sit all day.

I am a Whole30 and Paleo evangelist, but I’m not myopic when it comes to nutrition and good health. I know and understand that we all have different bodies, and those different bodies have different nutritional needs. Where my body reacts negatively to grains and sugar, there are those who thrive on grains and whose bodies react negatively to meats. I know people who have tried Paleo and didn’t have the same results as me or the many others who have gotten healthy because their bodies don’t run at peak performance on the foods in the Paleo diet.

My blog is called PaleoMarine. I do Paleo. I’ve lost 104+ lbs in ten months and I’m healthier than I’ve been in over a decade. Paleo works for me. However, I know it won’t work for everyone. So, find what does. Don’t give up. If Paleo isn’t for you, then find what is.

I can tell you what won’t work: pre-processed foods, foods with added-sugar, and unbridled eating. Portion control is a farce unless you have Jedi-level dedication. Pills, patches, supplements, powders, etc are all not enough to get you to good health. It all starts with the food you put into your body.

Find your diet and stick to it. Stop eating trash. Remember the one smart thing they taught you in school about nutrition: you are what you eat.

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