Walking Away from a Bad Relationship

Relationship advice on PaleoMarine? Well, yes, actually, since we’re talking about your relationship with foods. Namely bad foods.

We tell people all the time that it’s better to leave a bad relationship than to stay in it and suffer. I feel that it is no different when confronting the relationship with have with our food. If it’s hurting you, why are you still around? Because it’s delicious? That’s like staying with an abusive spouse because even though they treat you horribly, at least they look nice.

I’m not arguing that bread, pizza, beans, cake, and candy don’t taste good. Of course they do! That’s the problem; we are hard-wired to enjoy this stuff because the ingredients include items that used to be hard for us humans to find. This strong desire to eat as much of it as we can comes from the survival instinct that is still present in our brains. The problem is that all this stuff is no longer scarce. We can eat as much of it as we want, and we still want it pretty badly.

The good news is that we can control this. We can recognize the cravings for what they are and conquer them. It takes a few weeks (okay, between two to four, on average) to get over, but you can do it. Break up with the bad foods and forge a new relationship with foods that nourish you, fill you up, and leave you satisfied. Foods that are good for your body, your organs, and your health.

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