Remember that one thing you wanted really badly?

Remember that thing you wanted so badly you saved up for it? How about that one accomplishment you wanted to complete and you spent months or even years attaining? How about that relationship you nourished and slowly helped grow into something that will last a lifetime? Yeah; all that stuff that didn’t happen in a day? You did it! You set your mind to it, and you did it.

You put aside other wants, desires, and yes, even needs to make it happen. If you were saving up to buy something, you skipped some meals out, or didn’t buy some items here and there that you didn’t really need. If you were studying, you spent more time with books and study groups and less time in the bar, hanging out with friends, or watching movies. If you were building a relationship, you were likely not spending as much time with others with whom your relationship would impede.

Your health and weight loss are no different.

How bad do you want it? How important is it to you? Where does your health and your weight rank in your priorities?

These are tough questions, and lots of people lie to themselves and say things like, “My health is important!” but then they go and eat half a pizza with some bread sticks while drinking a soda. This is like saying that safety is the most important thing to you and then skydiving without a parachute. It just doesn’t make sense.

Take a real, long, hard look at your priorities. Be honest with yourself.If your health isn’t your top priority, then admit it and move on. However, if it is, or if you want it to be, then commit to making it the most important thing and adjust accordingly. Every other aspect of your life has to adjust and change to allow this priority to have top billing.

In my life, health and weight come first above foods I like to eat. Do I like pizza? Very much so! But I place my health and weight at a much higher priority in my life than I do pizza. Exercise is up very high now, as well. There are computer games I’d like to be playing and TV shows I’d like to be watching, but I find myself spending more time exercising and working on projects than watching TV or playing games. Priorities are set, and I respect them by sticking to the plan.

Make a plan. Set priorities. Stick to it, and do it. You can do it. You’ve done much harder things before.

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