After a month of exercise, no weight loss

File_000 (39)I can relate to people who work, work, and do more work to lose weight and just can’t seem to do it. Over the past year, I’ve experienced a great amount of weight loss, but once I hit 180-183 lbs, the loss stopped as if someone pulled the parking brake. I figured that running would help me burn more calories and thus, I’d end up losing more weight, but it hasn’t really happened yet. This morning, I was within a half pound of my lowest recorded weight, but that’s as close as I’ve gotten.

The weekend trips we’ve been taking have also impacted any progress in weight loss due to the amount and sometimes even the types of food we’ve been eating.The other thing to consider, and Sherry reminded me of this the other day, is that muscle weighs more than fat. As I’ve been getting stronger and running more, I’m building muscle. That translates into offsetting any loss I may have realized through my diet.

There have been a few bright spots that have given me motivation in the past few days, however. I’ve officially lost an inch off my waist. I have to also look at the fact that I can run every other day now and I have been improving my run times and stamina. I am no longer tired after a run; I just feel invigorated. It’s all about finding the victories where you can, and in these past few months, it has been hard to find any victories.

I know that I’m at the cusp of losing weight again. It’s hard to explain, and I can’t put my finger on any single thing that leads me to know I’m about to lose weight again, but I feel it. I don’t think it’ll be a large amount and should be just enough to make clothes I wear now feel a little more comfortable. I’ve already moved to 32″ trousers and medium sized shirts, so losing another 5-10 lbs shouldn’t affect that too much.

The scale is but a single measure of our fitness and health. Don’t ever let it rule your perception of your progress, health, or fitness. I’m sure that if you keep looking, you’ll find victories of your own to reinforce your healthy lifestyle and habits.

4 thoughts on “After a month of exercise, no weight loss

  1. I have to say I am so happy to hear that your not giving up because you didn’t loose any weight. The less you have to loose the harder and longer it takes. When you exercise your muscles will tear down and you will gain due to water retention from the muscles breaking down and rebuilding. I have to say and I guess it is a pet peeve that muscle does not weigh more than fat. A pound is a pound. You may gain because you gain add more muscle and sometimes you gain it faster than loosing the fat that was on top of it but it will eventually break free. Muscle is leaner than fat so as you gain more muscle the scale may go up but the measure of success is in the measurements of the ruler not the scale. There comes a point that the number you have in your head as a goal is no longer attainable because your body is changing. Refocus on a size you would like to wear instead of a number on the scale. It gets in our heads and messes with our minds. Keep up the great work. You both look awesome and I know you feel so much better.

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