What happens when the alarm clock isn’t set properly?

You don’t get to run before work. It was a beautiful and cool morning today, too. Now, I will be running after work. It’ll surely be hot out, too.

I woke up about an hour before my alarm clock was supposed to go off, and I remember thinking, “I think the alarm isn’t set. Maybe I should do that.” But then I let myself go back to sleep and didn’t think of it again until our normal alarm went off. Sherry and I both knew immediately that running was out of the question for the morning and went about our normal non-run day routines.

I was a little sad, though. I like getting those runs in early. Oh well. I’ll get my run in later today and see if how it is. You see, that’s what I’ve been enjoying about my runs. It’s not the running, but in how little I am affected by running. The less I have to “work” while running, the happier I am. It’s a measure of my fitness that I can feel and experience. The more fit I get, the easier these runs get which in turns makes me happy.

So, no early morning run, but I’ll still get it done today. Just a little later than originally planned.

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