Quick and Easy Paleo Lunches for Picnics

Sherry and I have found ourselves in situations where we wouldn’t be able to warm up a pre-made lunch, nor would we be able to take one with us due to a lack of refrigeration. Also, weight was a consideration, so we were forced with a decision: do we take food with us to eat Paleo, or do we eat what’s available and risk having to eat food that is off-plan?

Taking a cue from my parents and grandparents, we went Hungarian Picnic style. What is that? Our lunches over the past two weekends consisted of the following:

  • Paleo bread (the recipe can be found on Sherry’s website)
  • Chorizo (pre-cooked and made with no sugar)
  • Red Bell pepper
  • Radishes
  • Butter
  • Tomatoes

We could have added more vegetables, but we didn’t really need a huge lunch; just enough to fuel our bodies and stave off hunger. These small lunches also allowed us to eat slightly larger dinners.

I know what some of you are thinking: what kind of Hungarian picnic has chorizo? Probably none. Hungarians would use some sort of Gyulai (sausage), kolbasz (sausage), or szalona (bacon) as the meat. My dad was fond of making fasirt (pork and beef meatballs), and Sherry and I have made these for picnics before, too. I came up with a really good Paleo recipe for fasirt that’s also on her website.

Paleo isn’t effortless, but nothing worthwhile is. It takes some planning and prep time, but it’s worth it. Finding creative ways to have Paleo meals gives you more options and makes the lifestyle easier to adopt and stick with. What Paleo meal hacks have you found?

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