Weekend Planning

What can you do about eating Paleo when you want to go out and spend the day out in the country, or in the city, or anywhere away from home? With a little bit of planning ahead, it’s not that hard at all.

You can make a picnic of it. Just like I wrote yesterday, with a little planning, you can have a picnic with Paleo-friendly meats and vegetables. Heck, throw a few fruits in there as well!

Another option is to find foods that are Paleo-friendly at restaurants. BBQ and Mexican can be surprisingly Paleo as long as you stay away from the rice, beans, tortillas, and potato salad. Fajitas are typically Paleo-compliant and tasty. Sherry and I have it served with guacamole and grilled onions with some grilled vegetables. As for the BBQ, I typically ask if their rubs have sugar in them. If they do, then I either find which meat they have available either has no sugar or the least amount. The amount of sugar in a rub is negligible if that’s all they’ve got. Obviously, stay away from the bread/muffins/rolls and BBQ sauce if they put sugar in it as well.

As a last resort, you just have to eat what’s available. However, you can make some smart choices and go as Paleo as possible. Skip bread, noodles, and fried food. Most restaurants have some sort of food that’s almost Paleo.

Ultimately, if it’s a vacation or even a getaway, you can get away with having a non-Paleo meal every now and then. Heck, I ate some bread pudding on a vacation a few months back, and it was heavenly! Of course, my stomach hated me for it, but it was worth it. I’m now cured of wanting bread pudding again for a long time.

Once you’ve been eating Paleo for a while, it’s easy to know what you should or shouldn’t eat, and eating at non-Paleo restaurants gets easier.

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