Paleo: It’s Not Just for Weight Loss

It’s no secret that my weight loss success started with Whole30 and has been due in large part to adopting the Paleo lifestyle with my wife, Sherry. However some people have mistakenly equated Paleo with Adkins. They both are low-carb, but Paleo has a few distinct differences.

  1. No grains. No rice, no pasta, no bread, no breakfast cereals, no corn, no quinoa, no oatmeal. Adkins allows some of these things in small quantities. In Paleo, we avoid them entirely or find non-grain alternatives.
  2. No refined sugar. Never.
  3. No dairy. We sometimes break this one, but mostly adhere to it. The exception is butter/ghee.
  4. No soy.
  5. No pre-processed foods. We make everything ourselves.

Adkins was designed as a weight-loss diet; something you do for a while, and after you lose your weight, you go back to eating as you did before (until it’s time to lose weight again). Paleo is a lifestyle that is meant to be adopted for life. It’s also not designed for weight loss; it’s a lifestyle that promotes good health through eating foods that are natural and similar to the diet humans ate for thousands of years.

Am I saying that cavemen were healthier than us? Not necessarily. Modern medicine has helped us eradicate many diseases and control maladies that would otherwise kill us. However, our bodies operate much better when eating meats and vegetables and fruits that occur naturally. Grains are very high in carbs which are easily processed and stored in the body. When we get overweight, our bodies get out of sync and health problems occur. Many of these are controlled by medicine, but why turn to medicine when all you have to do is eat right? No, eating right doesn’t solve everything, but it does help avoid a host of medical issues that are exacerbated by being overweight.

Me and Sherry in September, 2016.

I lost over 100 lbs in a year eating Paleo foods. My wife lost 65 lbs in that same time period. I did no exercise until six weeks ago. Adopting the Paleo lifestyle has changed my life and made it better. I am fairly certain it can do the same for you!

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