Discipline and Cravings

File_000 (24)Sometimes, regardless of how well you eat, you get a craving or you feel your stomach grumble. Some of us can ignore it but some of us cannot. For those who can’t (or for those times when it really gets too much to ignore), here are some tricks to help you get past the cravings.


Sometimes when you feel like you’re hungry, you’re actually thirsty. Drink a glass of water and afterward ask yourself if you’re still hungry. Chances are you won’t be.


Almonds, walnuts, pistachios, etc are a good snack to eat when you feel hungry. Take a small handful and eat them one-by-one. Be careful, though; nuts are very calorie dense and you don’t want to overdo it.

Carrots and celery

Two vegetables that are mostly fiber and water. I personally don’t find these very filling, but some people use them to stave off hunger for a bit until they can eat a regular meal.

Jerky or slice of bacon

Protein works really well for me to stave off hunger. A piece of jerky or a slice of bacon does nicely for me to hold off hunger until a meal.


I find that if I can take my mind off the hunger by reading, even if it’s just browsing Facebook or reading a blog, I will lose the craving.

Computer games (or board games)

Gaming keeps my mind off eating. I find that if I’m hungry, sitting down and playing a game, putting together a puzzle, or even doing a crossword will take my mind off the food and let me get through a tough spot.

As you get away from sugar, you will experience fewer cravings, but the reality is that from time to time, as we vary the foods we eat, some will be less satisfying than others. In those instances, you have to do something to get past the cravings which can derail your process and cause a sabotage moment. I hope these strategies can help you get past the craving and make it to your next meal without eating something bad for you.

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