Is Plus Size is Okay?

My son and I pretending to be models in 2008. I was a plus-size model.

Seeing more plus-size models makes sense to me. More Americans are plus-size than ever, so for the companies that make clothing and accessories to ignore this huge revenue source is not good business. I also think it’s perfectly okay for people to be overweight, fat, obese, etc. It’s their choice, their life, and their decision to make. That decision is not mine, the government’s, or anyone else’s to make.

What I don’t think is okay is to teach that being overweight or obese is healthy. It is not. Our bodies were not designed to be fat, and our bodies break down and fail sooner when fat. It is inconvenient to eat right, and it takes discipline and work to not get fat in today’s age with all the horribly fattening foods that our culture has adopted as normal. We need to get back to eating basic foods. We need to stop eating fast food and sugar. We need to get more exercise.

I have said it time and time again that I don’t judge people who are overweight. I do not look down on them nor do I think it’s acceptable to make fun of them in any way. What I do feel is sad for them because I have been there. I know what it feels like in every way. I know they are smiling through pain. Even those who most adamantly state they are fine with being fat (I was one of those) secretly wish they were not. “Life would be so much easier not being fat,” is what I would think when I saw myself in the mirror, had to squeeze between seats in a restaurant, or had to tell a server that I couldn’t sit in a booth and we needed a table (because I was too large to fit between the seat back and the table).

Our culture is fat yet we still market to the thin people (the minority). Plus size models make sense. But maybe, just maybe, the clothing industry is trying to tell us something. Maybe they want us to have a goal of fitting into the fashionable clothing, so they keep showing us how good these people look in the clothes, how much fun they are having hiking, sailing, or on a beach playing volleyball. I can attest to the fact that these things are a lot of fun. They are things that were difficult  if not impossible before I lost my weight. Now? I can do anything. Literally.

Don’t accept being overweight as a life sentence. You can change your future and lose the weight. I even did it without exercise, and you can too!

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