Why Ask if You Don’t Care?

dohI get asked every few weeks or so, “So, you never eat bread anymore?” and many variations on this question with bread replaced with the things I don’t eat anymore. I take that as an invitation to discuss diet, so I tell them, “No. Not anymore.” So far, that has always been followed by, “But why? I heard bread is good for you.” I then go into why it’s really not good for us, how the food lobby has paid for studies the government cites as sources of why we should eat more grains and how sugar isn’t as bad as some of us say it is. These people nod, smile, and tell me how shocked they are and then they go (literally, right before my eyes) and take a bite of a donut and wash it down with orange juice.


Maybe I’m just a curiosity to them. I really don’t know. Ultimately, like I tell people all the time, I’m not the Paleo Police, and I honestly am not going to give you crap for eating whatever you chose to eat. It’s your decision, and I respect that. But if you ask me my opinion on the food you’re eating, you’ll get it. And most likely, unless you’re eating Paleo, it won’t be what you want to hear.

Maybe they’re trying to be polite and have conversation on the only thing they know about me. I’ve become “That health nut guy” or “That Paleo guy.” Now, I have added to that, “That fitness guy” and “That guy who runs.” I’m okay with these labels, I guess. It’s better than, “That really heavy guy,” “That overweight guy,” or “That fat guy.”

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