Cost and Paleo

File_000 (41)Once again, someone told me today, “I love Paleo, but I can’t afford it.” I asked them what they were buying, and they said, “Well, all the organic, free-range stuff is so expensive!” I asked them about buying the non-organic stuff and just cooking them as Paleo, and they reacted as if I were speaking Martian to them.

Yes. You can do this. It’s allowed.

Is it better for you to eat the “Good” stuff? Of course it is. But why go completely off-plan and back to a diet that you know is not good for you just because you can’t afford the more expensive organic or free-range foods? All the recipes that Sherry and I post are just as doable with the non-organic foods as they are with organic.

Yes, adopting a Paleo lifestyle can be expensive, but it’s getting better. More and more places (like Kroger, Sam’s Club, Costco, and H*E*B to name a few) are all carrying more and more Paleo friendly or even Paleo-focused foods for good prices. The prices are even dropping month-over-month, and going Paleo is getting more and more affordable.

Don’t let cost convince you to look elsewhere. You can do this on the cheap. Sure, you have to use some ingredients that aren’t as great for you as they would be if you could get the organic, free-range, no hormone or anti-biotic versions, but at least you will be cutting out grains, beans, dairy, and foods with added-sugar and soy. The benefits are overwhelming.

2 thoughts on “Cost and Paleo

  1. Such good information (as always)! So many people have an “all or nothing” attitude and don’t stop to think that it doesn’t have to be that. I’m guilty of getting into that mode myself. A few of my favorite Costco items are organic coconut oil, ghee (which is a relatively new product for them), pure maple syrup (to be used sparingly, of course), and Kerrygold butter. And you can find a list of the “dirty dozen”–the 12 most contaminated types of produce, which you should try to buy organically whenever possible–and the 12 least contaminated types of produce (meaning you can get away without springing for organic) here: You can even download a pocket-sized version of it to keep in your wallet for handy use on grocery day.

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