The Spare Skin Update

This post may be a bit into TMI territory. If you don’t want to read about extra skin and my body image, then I suggest you skip this post.

Since you went ahead past the “Read More” text, I will give you one last chance to opt-out of this article. It contains vivid descriptions of body areas you may not want to imagine. You’ve been warned.

I get asked every now and then by people who find out how much weight I’ve lost if I have a lot of spare skin. It’s a real concern for those who are 100+ lbs overweight. I thought that this would be a big concern for me as well, but it’s turned out to be much better than I feared.

The biggest problem area for me is right below my belly button. Three months ago, I had a bit of a hang-over and the skin looked deflated like an old balloon. This weekend, I looked more closely, and found that there is no more hanging over of the skin, and the deflated look isn’t nearly as pronounced.It seems that my body is getting rid of the extra skin naturally.

The area on the insides of my thighs has been another problem area. This area has also seen reduced size and while it still looks a bit deflated, isn’t nearly as bad as it was. The pubic area still has a bunch of extra skin, but it too is reduced by quite a bit, and at this rate, should look normal in another year or so.

My pectoral muscles are starting to show very nicely, but the skin over the top of them is still sagging. Like the other areas, it’s not nearly as bad as it was even three months ago, and I expect to have more normal looking pectorals within a year or so.

Not too bad for a nearly 50-year old guy who once weighed over 300 lbs!

I know there are people who were 200+ lbs overweight who needed skin reduction surgery. I don’t seem to have that much spare skin, and mine seems to be shrinking at a nice rate. My body is looking more and more like it did before I gained all the weight, and I don’t foresee any need for surgery, lotions, medicine, etc. I’m certain I won’t look 100% like I was never overweight, but it’ll be close. I look forward to that day.

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