Dinner with an old friend

On Wednesday evening last week, I had dinner with a former fellow Marine who is six weeks into his new healthy lifestyle after doing a Whole30 with his wife. They are still eating Whole30 and are slowly transitioning into Paleo, and we talked about his progress and how it’s been going for them.

First and foremost, he says he feels a lot better, and his blood sugar levels have been greatly reduced since starting the Whole30. He also noticed that eating anything with sugar, even natural sugars in fruits, spikes his blood sugar, so he avoids them. He has lost weight, but more than that, he lost inches off his waist and he is looking at having to purchase new trousers soon. Fortunately for him, he and I have the same inseam, so I will be able to give him some of my lightly used trousers I no longer can wear (they’re too big!).

What really struck me was his all-in attitude. He and his wife have decided that there will be no celebratory cheat days or cheat meals. They are staying the course and sticking to the diet in a strict fashion. They are not willing to cut corners or go half-in. For this great attitude, they are being rewarded by feeling much better, having more energy, getting away from cravings, and losing weight. My friend’s benefits are extending into his measurable blood sugar readings. He is currently awaiting the latest lab results, but his own tracking has shown a greatly reduced A1C level since starting the Whole30.

I can now count at least a dozen people who are among my friends that have all either done a Whole30 and transitioned into Paleo or who have adopted the Paleo lifestyle. All are seeing benefits to their health and weight. All are seeing benefits to energy levels, and all have reduced cravings. The results I’ve seen were pretty amazing, and I can’t say all my friends have lost as much weight as I did so quickly, but none of my friends were as overweight as I was, so it goes to reason that I put up such big numbers. Everyone else is seeing 2-5% weight loss per month, which is pretty healthy.

I’m really proud of my friend and his wife. They have adopted a healthy attitude of making sure to notice all change, and they’ve noticed their waist sizes reducing, energy levels increasing, and yes, even weight loss. Put all these together, and they are being met with great rewards for their hard work, and I am always excited to hear of their progress. I look forward to seeing them again soon and discussing their journey with them some more.

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