Merry Christmas

file_001-8Sherry and I would like to wish all of the readers here a Merry Christmas. In our home, we hold Christmas on the 24th in keeping with my Hungarian heritage where Christmas Eve is celebrated at 6 pm. My wife, being culturally American, and I have compromised, however. We have Christmas the morning of the 24th. This allows us to have Christmas with our extended family and/or friends on the 25th.

This year, we will have some family and dear friends coming over for a lunch on the 25th and then we will visit another dear friend and have dinner and celebrations at their home. I am looking forward to the holiday festivities and the time with loved ones.

Food-wise, our meals will be Paleo. Sherry has perfected holiday cooking to the extent that our non-Paleo guests either can’t tell the food is Paleo, or if they know it is, don’t mind because it’s so delicious. Paleo is very close to traditional cooking, so with the exception of breads and sweets (which can be prepared Paleo), it’s actually quite an easy meal to remain compliant on.

The only real danger for me is volume. I love to eat holiday food! I have, however, decided that if I do over eat over the holidays, I will deal with it by being extra-committed to eating good foods after the holidays. I will also try to limit my serving sizes as much as I can. We’ll see how that goes!

It’s okay to enjoy foods over the holidays with your family and friends. Don’t watch the scales and don’t stress about not being able to partake. Live, eat, drink, and be merry! It’s what the holidays are all about! You have the rest of the year to work on your diet/health/weight.

Merry Christmas!

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