Post-Holiday Affirmations

I enjoyed the holiday. 

I ate a lot in volume, but I made good decisions otherwise. 

I will not let the scale dictate my mood over the next week of vacation. 

I will get right back up and continue to eat right. 

The scale may not be my friend today, but it is not my enemy. 

I will lose the extra few pounds I put on. I just need to stay the course and be patient. 

I feel great and I’m still 100+ lbs lighter this Christmas than in 2014 and 60 lbs lighter than last Christmas.

My clothes still fit right. I still look good in them.

I will run again tomorrow and it’ll feel great!

Keep your chins up, folks. We all ate a lot this weekend. It’s perfectly okay and normal. Just get back on track and instead of fixating on gains, remember the good times with friends and family. That is truly the most important part. 

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