I used to hate reading this stuff

Me, writing this article in my backyard.

When I wasn’t ready to really buckle down and “Do the work,” as my cousin would say, I used to hate reading things written by people who were getting it done with weight loss or fitness. I didn’t want to read about how awesome their progress was, how great they were feeling, and their new personal bests. I don’t know if that was because of negativity I learned as a child, or if it was because I was jealous of these people. I think it was maybe a little of both.

I try to walk a very fine line on this blog between being proud of my accomplishments and bragging as well as between trying to motivate people and preaching. I never want to come off as preachy unless it’s about the evils of sugar. That stuff is seriously bad for us, and I’ll never stop preaching about how evil it is that it’s in everything processed! But I digress.

Some people take motivation from the examples of others. I am one of those people. Were it not for the subreddits of /r/progresspics, /r/paleo, and /r/whole30, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I know they’re not blogs, but these were subreddits full of real people (like me!) who were getting it doing, doing the work, and seeing the results I was after. I wanted to be like them, and I wanted to one day be in a position to help people whose shoes I walked.

As a guy who used to be really fat, I find myself in a position that can motivate others. I am not some skinny person who has been skinny their whole lives. They don’t know what it’s like to have been big and how hard it is to lose the weight. I know. I lived it. I’ve had people who didn’t know I used to weigh over 130 lbs more tell me that I’m lucky to not have to worry about my weight. I always chuckle and politely show them some pictures of me when I was heavy. Some don’t believe it. They flat out refuse to believe that the photos I show them were of me. I have to explain that I did struggle with my weight, and now I’ve taken back responsibility for my health and fitness and I’m very active in keeping it all in check.

Now, I write about these experiences. These conversations that take place, whether with other people or in my mind as I run and think about articles to write. I hope to inspire and motivate and to never turn anyone off from taking on a Whole30, Paleo, or running. I try to write in a way that would have inspired and motivated me. That’s why sometimes, I’m really very frank about things. That’s why I post pictures of myself in my underwear. These things would have (and did) motivate me. I hope it does the same for you.


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