Been blogging here for over a year, now

2014v2016edge2I started blogging a little over a year ago, but today is officially the day that I made this site the primary source for my Paleo lifestyle and journey. I made the announcement on Facebook that all my posts here would be cross-linked to my Facebook profile page for PaleoMarine and not my personal Facebook page.

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In that time, I’ve lost about 65 lbs and started running. My waist went down 6 inches and my shirt size from XL to M/S (depending on the shirt). The biggest change has been that I am now a runner. I run every other day, and soon may even add recovery runs to those off days. I’m also in the process of joining the National Guard.


This blog has allowed me not only the ability to talk about my Paleo lifestyle and fitness journey, but has also helped inspire others to get healthy. I’ve helped old friends and made new ones find a lifestyle that works and has been successful in bringing them to new levels of health they thought were unattainable. If that’s the reward for posting every day (as close to every day as I can!), then I’m grateful and happy!


I look forward to the new year and all the changes it will bring in my health and fitness. I am hoping to bring my run times down and increase my distances. I am adding sit-ups to my fitness plan as it’s part of the Army’s physical fitness tests. I hope to lose a little more weight to get down to 165 lbs. There’s no timeline on that, but it’d be nice to hit it sooner rather than later.

5 thoughts on “Been blogging here for over a year, now

  1. Thanks for getting us started on the Paleo bandwagon. Almost down 30 lbs and I saw the 170s again this morning. My relatively new size 14 pants are already getting loose as well. Actually look forward to getting into your pool this summer a few sizes smaller!

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    1. Congratulations! That’s great, Elaine! Sherry and I are so happy for you and Kenny and proud of you guys for sticking with it! We want you both to be as healthy as possible to be around for a long, long time for future hi-jinks and hilarity.


      1. We can’t wait to hit Spain with you guys – and I think it should be pretty paleo friendly with all the ham and meats! I think the wine, port and cheese, churros and hot chocolate will be our downfall but we’ll make up for it with all the walking!

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  2. I know but we won’t LOL. So far, I have been able to lose a smidge on each of our vacations (Florida, Las Vegas, NYC) so I can’t be doing things too badly…

    And although it’s not for weight loss, I am going to see if my Pilates instructor can give me a few exercises I can do without equipment in the apartment twice a week.


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