Paleo? Live like a caveman? Why?

So, this is something that comes up every now and then. I am a huge fan of the Paleo diet, but not the diet of cavemen. I don’t, for a minute, believe that cavemen were healthier than us because they ate less beans, soy, dairy, sugars, etc. What I do believe is that this diet that is called Paleo hits upon some food restrictions and recommendations that work for me. They have allowed me to get healthy and, in a roundabout way, get fit.

I know that what I’m saying here is sacrilege to those who came up with the idea and many who wholeheartedly believe in it. I’m sorry. I just don’t believe that part of the origin story of Paleo.

I heard once that Paleo is a good diet but a terrible religion, and that’s how I feel about it. I follow the diet, I believe in the diet, but not necessarily in the origin story. I don’t think I am healthier now because I live like a caveman. I believe I’m healthier now because I live a low-carb life without sugar, dairy, grains, soy, and legumes. That’s all.

What’s in a name, anyway, if it works? It seems so many people get offended by the name of the diet or the idea behind eating “Like a caveman.” Heck, I’ve even seen people shy away from the Paleo diet because of their religion not believing in evolution (therefore, Paleo man was not human). I don’t really care what it’s called. You could call this the PaleoMarine Diet if it makes you feel any better. I won’t be offended.

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