For the Veterans Out There

Listen up, troops: this post is being written directly for you. To you. Listen up!


If you’re one of the many veterans who said, “I’m not running again after I get my DD-214” and you held firm to that, you may have a problem. That problem may be the same problem I had, one that I allowed myself to develop and didn’t do anything about for many years: I was fat and out of shape.

I was fat and happy, as they say, and why not? I stayed in shape for the entire time I was in the Marines, and I PT’d the requisite three to five times a week for nearly 12 years. That’sa  long freaking time! So I figured that I earned some time off to eat, drink, and sit on the sofa. There’s one huge problem with that: I gained weight so fast, I have stretch marks. And I know I’m not the only one.

If this is similar to what you’ve experienced, then I have good news for you: you can change this. The next part is the honest truth and you know what I’m about to say (but I’m going to say it anyway): you need to eat right and get some exercise. That means lay off the pogue bait and get some PT done.

It’s not easy. But you already knew that. It’s going to take a lot of dedication, motivation, and perseverance. But again, you already knew that. So what’s missing? What is keeping you from starting?

If it’s your age, I want to tell you some more good news: FUCK THAT. You’re not too old. I’m 49 and I run 3-5 miles every other day. I lost 115 lbs. You can do it, too. It just takes eating right and moderate exercise (and note that the exercise isn’t for weight loss, but to make your heart stronger). A 69 year old neighbor and former Marine is getting healthy through diet and strength exercises. If an old Vietnam vet tanker can do it, SO CAN YOU!

If it’s because you have physical limitations, either as a result of your service or even if it’s not, then yes, you have some more challenges than the rest of us, but most of that is in your head. Eating right is easy for ANYONE, and that doesn’t require exercise. I lost 110 lbs of my 115 lbs without a single step of exercise. Seriously.


I don’t bullshit on this blog. Everything I did, and everything I do to get healthy and lose weight is here. I don’t just present the good news: my challenges, fears, and obstacles are all here, too. We all face them. What separates us from those who fail is how we push through the challenges.

If you’re a veteran, you’ve already proven to yourself that you can get though boot camp. Some of us have had to prove ourselves in even more extreme ways. Getting healthy and fit pale in comparison. All it takes is for you to get going.

Need a push? Need some moto? PM or email me! Leave a comment! I’ve got your six!

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