Don’t accept being overweight

2014vs2016edgefaceIt’s not okay. It’s not the new normal. It’s not something you are doomed to for the rest of your life. I used to feel like there was no way out of being overweight. I thought that since everywhere I looked there were fat people, I just fit in. I began to believe it was normal. I told others and myself that I was okay with it. That was all until one day that I decided that enough was enough.

It came after months of people talking to me, imploring me to do something about my health. These little tips came from all directions: family, friends, and even gaming friends online I’ve never met in person (thanks, Johan!). It came after being uncomfortable, being embarrassed over not being able to sit in a booth in a restaurant, or feeling the stares of the “normal” sized people around me. It all came crashing down and I finally decided to do something about it.

The bottom line is that I stopped accepting being overweight. I began to set my mind to getting healthy. The best benefit of eating healthy is that my weight came down naturally, and surprisingly fast. I wasn’t in a race to lose weight, yet I lost weight quickly. I set aggressive goals for myself, but these were more of a means to an end than a single goal. I knew that losing size was just as important as were getting better results on my blood tests at the doctor’s office and getting fit (after I began running).

If you are overweight, unhealthy, or unfit, then it’s up to you to stop accepting your condition as okay and normal. Only you can change your habits and lifestyle to get healthy, to lose weight, and to get fit. Being fat is not normal. Being fat is not okay. Being fat is not conducive to having a long life.

Fat people need love too. They need someone to tell them like it is. They don’t need people sugar coating things (ha!) or making false promises. They don’t need quick-fix promises. They need to know that nutrition is the key, and that exercise is what gets the heart healthy.

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