Sometimes I need to trick myself

file_000-76I need to run tonight after work. It’s now become not only a habit for me to run every other day, but my body feels like it actually needs it. My mind, however, isn’t always into it. Today, for example, my mind wants to go home after work and relax. I’m having to rely on a trick I’ve been employing to make myself enjoy doing things I otherwise don’t want to do or don’t like. I’m having to pretend that I am looking forward to running today.

Do  you know what’s weird about that? It’s actually working. As the day is going on, I’m finding myself looking forward to running. It’s going to be nice and cool outside, and I know that the run will feel good when I’m done as it always does. I haven’t yet experienced a real “Runner’s High,” but I do feel a sense of accomplishment after a run as well as feeling generally good. Maybe that’s the high they refer to. Maybe I’m expecting too much?

I know it’s hard to get moving sometimes. Even though I run a minimum of three times a week, I know many others who run 6-7 times a week. How they do that is a testament to their willpower, dedication, and motivation. It motivates me when I see them hitting the road every day. Whenever I really don’t feel like getting out there, I remind myself that I don’t do this every day and that I will get the next day off from running if I can just get it done today. I also think about how hard it is to get back into it after two days off in a row. If anything, these all help to get me out there.

Back to today’s run: I’m hoping to hit 80 push ups today if I have the energy and to go my usual 3.5 miles. I won’t be setting any speed records, but I will try for sub 9:30’s if at all possible (but I won’t be disappointed if I don’t). I’ll just be happy that I got out there and got it done.

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