Actually, compared to others, I lost weight slowly

It’s funny to me when people say I lost weight “So quickly.” Actually, 10 lbs a month is a pretty decent/safe weight loss with an average of 2.5 lbs a week. My weight was lost by eliminating added sugar, soy, carbs, dairy, and legumes. I did no exercise. Those of you who have been reading for a while know all this; I state it again for newcomers.

I peruse the progress pictures subreddit regularly for motivation as I have since before I began the Paleo lifestyle (even before I did my first Whole30) and I am continually impressed by people who have lost 100+ lbs in under a year. One person who posted today lost over 176 lbs in 11 months! Now THAT is impressive!

I never treated my weight loss as a race, and you shouldn’t either. Weight loss will happen if you do the right things: eliminate the foods that cause you to be overweight, control your portion sizes, and get 20 minutes of exercise a day (which could be as simple as walking). Heck, I lost my first 100 lbs without any exercise, so if that’s too much for you now, skip it. That’s right; skip it. It’s not necessary to lose weight.

The rate of weight loss is dependent on many factors including your starting weight. Someone over 300 lbs will lose weight more easily than someone who is only 20 lbs overweight. It comes down to percentage of total body weight, total body fat to be lost, and your ideal weight. I’m very close to my ideal weight now, and my weight loss is very slow (actually, it’s stagnant again right now). I’ m not concerned about hitting any goals in a set period of time. I’m just working toward the goal without stopping.

Yes, quick weight loss is impressive, and we all want to reach a goal with as little effort or time as possible. But the reality is that sometimes, it will take more time. Don’t worry so much about how fast you lose the weight but with the fact that you are losing or at least doing the work to lose weight. If you’re doing the right things, it’ll come. If you’re not losing weight, analyze what you’re doing and make adjustments until the weight loss comes back.

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