Paleo Pancakes? Heck yes! And they’re DELICIOUS!


This is what my breakfast looked like on Saturday: Paleo pancakes and bacon with some coffee. Notice that I use real organic maple syrup. I don’t slather it all over, but I do have it on there, and it’s enough to add the sweet maple flavor without going overboard. It’s really delicious, and a great (and dandy) way to start the Saturday.

One of the reasons people fall off the eating healthy wagon is because they miss foods they used to eat that were not good for their health. For me, pancakes was one of those foods. Sherry has been experimenting with recipes and has come across one that is made from scratch while we also found another that is literally a mix you can buy either on Amazon or at Sprout’s that you just need to add water to (I think). These taste like real pancakes to me, and they really help keep me from missing these special foods. Adding blueberries to them really transforms them into a next-level experience. I love ’em!

Paleo isn’t boring. It’s filled with great tasting foods that are good for your health. A lot of these foods are substitutes for foods that are bad for your health and these help keep you on the right path. There are many recipes and cook books available, both online and for purchase.

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