Annoyed with Bad Eating and the Resulting Weight Gain


Over the past four days, I’ve eaten way too much and also ate food that is definitely not Paleo. This was due to a few things including celebrating Valentine’s early with my wife, an evening out with friends, or a special lunch with co-workers. What is unusual for me, however, is that all these events took place within a four-day period. What that has done is made me pick up about 5 lbs of weight. It makes me highly irritable and angry at myself.

I know. Treats every now and then are necessary. We have to enjoy ourselves. I get it, I understand it, and heck, I even recommend it to others. However, doing so four days in a row is really too much. Now, my body is paying for it.

If it were due to a lack of discipline or me falling off the wagon, so to speak, I guess I’d have more reason to be upset. However, this really is a case of eating foods that I normally don’t eat in circumstances I’m normally not in. So I should go easy on myself. At least that’s what Sherry says.


What makes me worry more, however, is that I have a trip to Spain coming up in two weeks. I’ll be wanting to (and will likely) eat a lot of foods for the sake of the adventure and new experiences. I worry that I will eat too much and in turn, will gain weight.

I know. It’s a vacation. You gotta live and experience everything. But I have to keep reminding myself that there is more to a vacation and a new place beyond its food and alcohol. I have to tell myself to be reasonable even as I try new foods. It’ll be tough, but I have to do it. If I’ve learned anything over the past year it’s that my body will gain weight very quickly with minimal changes in my diet. I’m fighting to get back down to my pre-weekend weight, and every day longer it takes me to get back to it is another day where I’m cranky about it.

Fortunately, I know that through eating well, getting enough sleep, and staying active, the weight will come off. It just takes time. I just hate waiting to get back down to a weight I had already reached. There’s nothing worse than having to re-do the work, but not doing it is completely unacceptable.

5 thoughts on “Annoyed with Bad Eating and the Resulting Weight Gain

  1. Hallelujah! I’ve been frustrated because I was 10lbs lighter earlier this year. It’s just me being lax in my nutrition that has created the change and I’m still a long way from where I started…but grrrrrr. I have a goal for where I want to be by my bday in April so we can re-examine my BF% and then work on building muscle mass quickly. I’m a hard gainer and it’s frustrating.

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  2. It’s definitely frustrating to feel like you do everything right for so long and for a short little amount of time, you do something not quite so horrible, yet the outcome is a bunch of added weight. Ugh. Good luck on hitting that goal by April! I want the 5 lbs gone in two weeks and hope to keep it off as best as I can while in Spain.


  3. I know 5 lbs sounds like a lot but think of it as a standard deviation. +/- 5 lbs will be typical as we get to our goal weights. It’s one reason why I don’t record my wight every time (even though I do check pretty regularly) but rather once a week. My weight can fluctuate several pounds just from one day to the other.

    As for Spain, just be sure to not beat yourself up too much. You will make good choices overall and it helps that a) we will walking miles each day to compensate for the non-Paleo choices and b) the food in Spain is made with fresher, better ingredients with minimal preservatives.

    We look forward to sharing Spain with you!

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  4. Spain has some great food. They do eat bread a lot but you should be able to get grilled meats, olive oil dressing on seafood or potato salads, olives. Google translate will be your friend. Have fun! Gazpatcho may have bread in it but Samorejo defiantly will. Spanish tortillas are fantastic and made with eggs, potatoes and olive oil.


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