Life-changing diets: Whole30 and Paleo


In September 2015, we set out to change our lives and to get healthy. Our short-term goal was to lose weight, while our long-term goal was to adopt a lifestyle that would keep us healthy, keep our weight down, and allow us to do so while enjoying delicious and filling foods. We never thought it would actually work, yet here we are.

It’s not that we were pessimists. To the contrary, we were both very optimistic. But we are realists, and every other “Diet” had failed us before. Even increased exercise wasn’t enough to put a dent into our weight. So you can understand why we had misgivings. What we didn’t have was an understanding of just how important it is to eat right to maintain a healthy weight. We didn’t realize just how much of our weight depends on our food intake.

It seems like common sense enough, yet how many people do you know who are always dieting, always trying to eat in moderation, or working out at the gym 6 days as week only to never get close to what they would consider an ideal weight? I know lots of people like that. Sherry and I were two of them. We couldn’t keep doing that anymore.

Whole30 and Paleo saved us. It’s not hyperbole. Our lives have been forever changed for the better because of these two. I know people who have been successful at losing weight using similar carb-restricted diets, and others who do their own version, so it’s possible that we would have stumbled upon something similar ourselves. But, as I’ve said before, Paleo is just the name for how we eat. We have not begun wearing bear skins and hunting with spears. Yet.

Get past the name or any negative information you may have read or heard. Whole30 and Paleo really do work, and really can change your life in a great way. It transformed us into the people we always wanted to be. Life is so different now; it’s as if I’m living in someone else’s body. The changes are dramatic and positive.

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