How do you keep from getting cravings between meals?

This is a common concern for people who are trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle. In my experience, when Sherry and I began our Whole30, the first few days were the toughest not only because of the change in the food we were eating, but because of cravings. Our brains were going crazy with wanting to eat foods with sugar and carbs in them. These cravings, at times, were pretty severe. I had to snack on nuts a few times in the first few days. Fortunately, that passed and I no longer feel like snacking between meals.

Here are the things that helped me get over being hungry:

  • Got rid of sugar and carbs. These are what really drive cravings.
  • Adjusted serving sizes. I no longer was eating for calorie targets, but to sate my hunger.
  • Along with the previous point, eat foods that are high in satiety. These are foods that make you feel full quicker.
  • When I do get to feeling a little hungry, I think about it. Am I hungry because I need food or because I’m bored? I find something to do to take my mind off the hunger. If I’m still hungry, then it’s time to get some food. Normally, though, the hunger passes and it was just boredom hunger. Protip: Exercise is great for getting rid of a craving.
  • Drink some water, tea, or coffee. If I’m within an hour of a meal time and I’m genuinely hungry, I will drink some tea or a cup of coffee to hold me over.

You can employ those tips to help you get past cravings. It works best when you limit your sugar and grain intake and adopt a Paleo lifestyle, but it’s not necessary.


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