When being good pays off, it feels good

Sherry and I did a wine tasting tour a few weeks back. The sugar in the wine made my weight spike for a few days, but afterward, it went right back down to the normal range.

I’ve been monitoring my portion sizes and I’ve actually increased them in recent weeks in a bid to lose more weight. My theory was that I wasn’t eating enough, and that my body was in conservation mode. Well, it turns out that I was right. This Saturday morning, I weighed in at 172.2 lbs, my lightest since active duty. Heck, I think I haven’t been this light since I was promoted to Staff Sergeant.

Most people look for scale victories (SV) and don’t place as much importance on the non-scale victories (NSV). I try to take any victory where I can find it, but I have to admit that SVs are more satisfying at times. It’s a relatable and quantifiable measure of our success toward getting healthy. Everyone uses a scale to measure their overall health level. It’s universal.

I’ve had lots of NSVs over the past six months including getting into shape, hitting sub-9:30 miles regularly, doing 80+ push ups, and even a shrinking waist despite my weight hovering between 174 and 177. Now, that trend is lower as my new normal is between 172 and 174.

The main difference has been the volume of food I’ve been eating and some small changes to certain specific foods. As I said earlier, I eat a little bit larger portions, but only slightly. It turns out I was barely under-eating. As for what I’ve been eating more of, the biggest area has been Protein. Also, I’ve been laying back on the sweet potatoes where I know I have a propensity toward overeating. I still eat them, but I try to eat smaller amounts of it. I’ve had some salads here and there as well to give me some fiber without a lot of nutritional value (eating lettuce is like barely eating from a nutritional sense) and to help fill me up.

Last night’s dinner, for example, was 10 chicken wings followed by a small chicken thigh that I was taste testing (Paleo Chicken Adobo: I need to tweak this more). The result was being down a pound from yesterday.

Hitting a plateau doesn’t always mean it’s time to eat less. It can mean just the opposite. You need to do the work and approach your weight loss scientifically and log data to analyze. I know, that seems like a lot of work, but if you want to be serious about losing weight and getting healthy, then you need to do the serious work and do it right. Otherwise, the benefits won’t last long. The last thing you want is to gain back everything because you undertook an extreme bandaid method to drop some pounds.

It’s been a very long time since I posted this, but here it is (and it feels good!!!):

Current stats:
Weight: 172.2 lbs (Started 289.9 lbs on 9/1/15)
Body fat: 14.1% (Started 47% on 9/1/15)
BMI: 27 (Started 45.4 on 9/1/15)

A note on the body fat and BMI measurements: I am using Fitbit’s calculations for both, and in the case of the body fat measurements, I am not using tape or water immersion. It’s an estimate. I’m pretty certain that the actual body fat percentage is a little higher (closer to the low 20’s), but I’ve been using their calculations since the start (when it was at 47%).

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