Getting Back Into The Swing of Things

There are many reasons people fall off the plan. For me, it was a vacation to Spain for two weeks that I didn’t want to miss out on experiencing to the fullest. My plans were made with the best intentions to stay as Paleo as possible, and while I did, I also allowed myself to drink a lot of alcohol (Sangria is amazing in Spain!), eat desserts, and foods with carbs like bread and rice. I don’t regret it for a moment, but it did take a toll on me.

Others fall off because they have a hard time sticking with Paleo, an addiction to sugar or carbs, or an inability to cut the emotional attachments to certain foods. There are those who are stress eaters who eat more when they encounter more stress. The list of reasons could go on.

The bottom line is that at some point, you need to just get back on path and do the work. That’s what I’m doing. I started Saturday morning. It’s not easy with the sugar cravings I’m experiencing, but having been through this a few times now (first on my Whole30 and then after my vacation last year to Seattle and Vancouver), I know that these cravings will be gone in 2-3 days. Also, any bloating I am experiencing will also be gone in 2-3 days, and I will be able to lose most of the weight I gained on my trip after my first week of eating right.

There’s no time like the present to get back on track and eat right. If you’ve fallen off the plan, it’s okay. It happens. We’re all human, and life gets in the way sometimes. There is no grade on a report card, and you’re not in competition with anyone else. Just get back on the horse and ride it to victory! This is your journey and you make the rules.

4 thoughts on “Getting Back Into The Swing of Things

  1. How about I join you on Day 1 starting again today. My knee is on the mend after engaging a sports and mobility masseuse for the next five weeks. It’s time I get back on track. I’m swollen and bloated from eating things I shouldn’t be…it’s time to get tough and kick the bad stuff back to the curb. My waistline will thank me for it.


      1. Deal! I may be obnoxious and hold myself accountable though by telling you on your posts how I’m doing! I’ve found calling myself out for the first few weeks helps me get over the hump.

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