Weight Update: The Plan Works!

I’m pretty happy this morning. I did skip running this morning, and I think I will regret that later this afternoon if I’m forced to run in the rain (when it’s also hot out), but after a weekend of strict Paleo, I’m down 9 lbs already! I weighed in at 188.8 lbs on Saturday morning and this morning, I weighed in at 179.8 lbs. I’m thinking that most of my added weight was water retention from eating foods high in sugar and in greater volume than usual.

Tonight after work, I begin my regular running schedule again of three runs a week. I was only able to get in two runs in the past two weeks in Spain while I was on vacation, and I’m going to be paying for that with slower runs with a bit more difficulty in the beginning. I also know my push ups will suffer. I’m hoping to get at least 60 (down from 80).

Either way, I’m happy to see the weight come back off and get me closer to my goal once again. I was pretty cranky about my weight Saturday morning even though I knew it would go away. It’s just easier to deal with it now that I’m seeing it drop again so quickly.

Edited to add: After my run tonight, my weight was down to 177.0 lbs! I know, more water weight lost, but overall, it’s looking like I’ll be back to my pre-vacation weight by the end of the week if all goes well! This is exciting!

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