Back at my pre-trip weight

I just like this photo of us.

It took 6 days to lose 14 lbs. SIX DAYS. That confirms it: it was water weight. I find it amazing how much water my body was retaining due to the increase in salt, sugar, and potassium in my vacation diet. Now, just six days later, I’m back at the weight I was the day I left.


Why? Because my clothes all fit better, and (and I admit this is silly and only psychological) because I know that I’m back at my lowest weight. I’m back to a happy place on the scale, and my body just feels right. I don’t feel sluggish anymore, and my flexibility is even better now (I like to stretch in bed in the mornings, and my knees come up farther now than they have for the past few weeks of wanton* eating). I feel like I’m the me I was getting used to (if that makes any sense).

I continuously use data points to help me make decisions with my diet and food choices. Having this additional data about having eaten pretty much anything for two weeks and then being able to recover back to my pre-trip weight within a week is really valuable information. It lets me know that I can go off-plan without long-term repercussions with more ease than I thought possible. I can see some In-n-Out burgers, pizza, or some Freddy’s hot dogs in my future (but very rarely). With that said, I am looking forward to today’s steak lunch. I will probably eat the entire sweet potato just because I can.

*Notice I said wanton, and not Wonton. Just saying.

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