Paleo: Our New Normal

Sherry and I in Madrid.

Something Sherry talked about in her post a few days ago about returning from vacation and getting back to our “Normal Paleo meals” really struck a chord with me. Back in September 2015, I never could have imagined that our journey would be as successful as it’s been. I never thought we’d be so comfortable with a lifestyle that is so radically different than the one we were living. I never thought I would hear myself saying, “I can’t wait to get back to eating our healthy foods” after enjoying two weeks of non-Paleo treats.

The fact of the matter is that now that we’ve returned, after only three days of Paleo food, I’ve started feeling more myself than I have for the past few weeks. Don’t get me wrong. The food and drinks I’ve been enjoying for the past two weeks have been stellar and treat after treat, but therein lies the problem: they were treats. I’m glad to have enjoyed them, but now, it’s nice to be back to our normal food. It’s filling, it’s delicious, and most of all, it’s nutritious and feeds our bodies properly.

I gained 14 lbs in the 11 days we were in Spain, and in three days of eating Paleo, I’ve lost 11 of those lbs. Of course, it’s all water weight, but the food I’m eating now doesn’t promote water retention in my skin. My body is back to looking lean, and I don’t have a pudgy appearance anymore. Oh, and I’m almost back to my pre-vacation weight, to boot!

Once you embrace the lifestyle and accept the benefits, it becomes the new normal. It becomes not only comfortable, but something you crave because it makes you feel so good to eat wholesome, quality foods. Don’t just take my word for it. Commit to it, stick to it, and you’ll find the same.


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