The food, it is delicious (and filling)

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One of my favorite new Paleo creations by Sherry: Paleo Buffalo Meatballs

My wife prepares our food for us on the weekends so that we can have lunches and dinners throughout the week that are Paleo (which means delicious and filling). This week, I made some pulled pork which she used to also prep our breakfasts with a pork and apple egg casserole that starts our day off right!

This past Saturday, lunch consisted of buffalo wings that she prepped and I grilled (they came out PERFECTLY) along with some sweet potato country fries that she made in the oven that had some rosemary on it. So yummy! As for Sunday, we used the fresh pulled pork in little sandwiches! Sherry made some Paleo buns and I had two pulled pork sliders! I didn’t need any sauce: the pecan wood smoked pork was delicious on its own!

This week’s prepared foods include meat loaf, chili, and quiche. Sherry asked what I wanted for lunch this week, and I started my list with those three. Since these three are favorites of mine, she indulged me by preparing and packaging them for us. I can’t say enough how wonderful it all is, and my lunches have all been spectacular! Tonight, we’re going to eat something from the prepared foods in our refrigerator, and I know I can’t go wrong regardless of which box I choose.

Sherry also made some Paleo thin mints that are about the size of a large Peppermint Patty. These are amazingly delicious, and make for a great end to our meals. The packaged meals tend to be on the smaller size, so having this little bonus serving rounds out the meal.

Eating right doesn’t have to be dull, bland, boring, or repetitive. All the food I eat is none of those things! There are recipes available on Sherry’s site and all over the Internet.

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