No, eating the deluxe salad with cheese and ranch is not good for you

Overheard last week at lunch: “I’m not going to have a steak today because I’m trying to lose weight, so I’m going to have a salad and soup instead.” Then, when it was time to order, “I’ll have the deluxe salad with cheese, ranch, and extra croutons, please.” Her soup of choice? Beef barley soup.

There is so much wrong with what she ordered from a nutritional standpoint that I just sat there dumbstruck. This is what happens when we listen to the talk shows, Dr. Oz, and Oprah about what we should eat to lose weight. The salad she ate had more calories than my 6 oz filet and sweet potato that I ate for lunch. The salad I had before my steak was a Caesar with no croutons. Her soup had probably three times the calories of my salad.

Please, please, please don’t thin I’m judging her, because I’m not. I am sad for her. She’s wanting to eat right and lose weight yet she’s acting on bad information she has been given. Our sensationalist media and talk-show culture has fed her so much bad information that she truly believes she’s doing the right thing to lose weight.

I haven’t had a single meal that was salad-based since going Paleo. I have had some salads before meals, but not salads as my main meal. That’s because they don’t fill me up. All the food I eat is normal, delicious, and filling. I never interrupt anyone, especially strangers, about their food choices. That would be beyond rude. I do hope people find this blog, and heed my words. It is possible to lose weight without suffering, starving, or having to eat bland food. It’s called Paleo, and it’s delicious.

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