Hungarian Breakfast Casserole

This is something I asked Sherry to make, and she indulged me. It turned out better than expected! She took Hungarian Lecso (pronounced “Lecho”) and turned it into a breakfast casserole with apples in it! i didn’t expect the apple, but it actually makes this casserole really special and tasty!

Our Daily Bacon

Recently we’ve had a number of questions about breakfast, and how to keep it from getting boring with bacon and eggs every day.  Personally, I don’t really ever get tired of bacon and eggs (how can anyone get tired of bacon?) but I do sympathize with food boredom.  E.J. and I have our favorites that we make often, but there’s always at least one somewhat experimental dish every week to help keep things interesting.

This week, E.J. was lamenting the lack of pulled pork to make another Pulled Pork & Apple casserole for breakfasts – and I just happened to have another pound of sausage left from the St. Paddy’s day so Hungarian Breakfast Casserole was born.

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