Getting close to the start of a second year

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My latest mugshot. This is what a happy, healthy, and fit PaleoMarine looks like.

I lost 100 lbs in 10 months, and that anniversary is approaching in July. I will be entering my second year at more than 100 lbs less than I was in September of 2017. A big measure of a person’s success at weight loss is keeping that weight off long-term. Well, I’ve been keeping it off and even lost more since July 2016. I still have 7 more lbs to go (that stubborn 7, I call it), and then I’m at my goal weight. I am hoping to hit that before my 2 year anniversary of starting my first Whole30.

I was recently looking at some old pictures of me, and I am having a harder and harder time recognizing myself in those pictures. Slowly, my self-image is being replaced with this thinner and healthier person that I am today. I don’t ever want to go back to being that unhealthy again. I couldn’t handle it physically or emotionally.

My life does not revolve around food, but food is at the center of our existence, so this is something I’ve had to learn. Without food, we obviously wither and die, so how do we deal with all the temptation of foods that are bad for us while continuing to fuel our bodies? For me, as time goes by, it’s been getting easier. I see food in a whole new light: it’s fuel. Sure, some of it tastes better than others, and sometimes I want to enjoy some tasty food, but ultimately, it’s just fuel. Everything that goes on outside of meals is life. Eating is sitting at a gas station. At least that’s what works for me.

Don’t get me wrong. My wife Sherry and I enjoyed a great meal last week at Pappadeaux here in Houston, and everything was delicious. We both had Paleo-friendly options as our main courses, but the Caesar salad we had was definitely not Paleo. Even though we both eat them without croutons, the dairy in the dressing caused some water weight gain for me the following morning. We both enjoyed our food, our dinner experience, and once again, enjoyed each others’ company. That’s what life is about. But this was a treat.

What works for me may not work for you. My mind hack is that food is fuel. I get hungry when my fuel tank is near empty, so I refill. I just ate lunch and I feel sated, but I know that when I get home tonight, I will be a bit hungry. I won’t eat right when I get home as I’ll be running, but typically by the time I’m done running and through with my cool-down and shower, it’s time to eat dinner. Besides, running actually removes hunger. Pretty cool! With all that said, find what works for you to keep from eating too much, too often, and of foods that are not good for you.

I’m getting close to having a year at -100 lbs. I’m looking forward to that anniversary and beyond.

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