When the conference room is full of sweets

file-3 (2)
All the sweets.

Don’t you hate it when you pass the conference room or the workplace break area and someone has brought in a bunch of donuts, cinnamon rolls, or other foods you shouldn’t be eating? It smells delicious, and often even looks delicious, but you know that it’s something you shouldn’t eat. I used to hate it, and it used to be a temptation for me, but now, it’s more a curiosity.

I don’t get cravings from seeing sweets anymore. I used to, and sure, I can imagine how wonderful a cinnamon roll would taste, but I no longer have the overwhelming desire to have some of it. I think it’s because I’ve weaned myself off sugar and the cravings that go along with being addicted to sugar, but it’s also because of the changes I’ve made in my mindset and my relationship with food.

In the past, I’d see sweets on a tray and I would start planning how I could get away with taking more than 1. Maybe 3 or 4? I could never get enough. Of course, I didn’t want to be rude and take more than my share from anyone else, but at the same time I was a big guy, and if I was going to have sweets, I had to have THE SWEETS. I would eat one right there. Immediately. That would fulfill the immediate need. Then, I would take 1-2 with me to my desk and eat them at my leisure. After finishing those, I would walk by the tray again to see what was left after a few hours. I figured that if there was food still there, everyone had ample time to get something. At this point, everything was fair game. I would then take at least 1, and sometimes 2 more back to my desk again for consumption later during the day.

Looking back at it now, I can see how horrible that was for my health. At the time, I hadn’t a care in the world about my weight or my health, and it seemed completely normal to me. My new normal is to look at the tray, imagine how delicious the foods are, and then scan for any fruits. Sometimes there may be fruit present for those who are healthy minded, but it’s usually bananas (which I like, but they contain too much sugar for me now). I then switch my attention onto something else and put it out of my mind completely. Yes, I Jedi Mind Trick myself away from temptation. It wasn’t always easy, and sometimes it’s still not (Cinnabon, you bastards). But now, after nearly two years, I can finally walk past a tray of sweet or bad foods and it doesn’t tempt me.

It feels liberating, and I feel great about that. It’s another victory in my journey toward being healthy and fit.

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