Palate Fatigue

Palate fatigue is what you get when you eat the same foods over and over again and you don’t want to eat them anymore. It’s very real, and studied a lot because it is what keeps humans from being able to eat the same thing day after day, week after week, month after month. This is what keeps us from having the one, perfect food. Us humans like variety, and it’s more than just preference: it’s in our nature. What happens when you eat the same food, regardless of how good it is for you, day after day? You tire of it and become unable to eat it. Some people say they could eat pizza every day non-stop, but the reality is that you would get tired of pizza, and eventually, you’d grow to hate it.

Palate fatigue is one of the reasons people fall off diets. They take on restrictive diets that limit them to one type of food, or very few types of foods, and eventually, palate fatigue kicks in, and these people are forced to find an alternative. A good friend of mine was on a restrictive diet once, and he told me that he lost a lot of weight and felt good on this diet, but the food was so bland and boring that he dropped it. It’s actually the idea behind the Cabbage Soup Diet: eat all  you want, because eventually, you won’t want to eat.

This is horrible. There is no reason to hate your food. I am fortunate that there are as many Paleo options out there as there are non-Paleo options. Heck, most non-Paleo foods have a Paleo-friendly alternative. I was thinking about the food I eat today, and it dawned on me that I really enjoy what I eat, it’s delicious, filling, and I’m never bored with it. Sherry does a great job of rotating through recipes, even my favorites. Even though I tell her I can eat the meatloaf or chili all the time, she rotates those with other favorites so that I don’t even get close to palate fatigue.

Don’t eat the same boring foods day in and day out. You will be unhappy, and eventually eat foods that aren’t good for you. Check out the recipes on her blog for a starting point.

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