If you really want to be healthy, eat healthy (and exercise)

Yummy Paleo salmon, coleslaw, and caulirice.

It’s all about the food. Seriously. It’s as simple as that. If you put good, whole foods into your body, your body will be healthier. If you put crap into your body, guess what? There’s no magic to turn it into good stuff.

Sugar? Horrible.

Grains? Not good.

Soy? Not good.

Dairy? Not good.

What is good for you? Meat, vegetables, and fruits (within reason). Will this keep you from catching a cold, acquiring a disease, or succumbing to a pre-existing condition? Of course not. What it will do, however, is give your body the best chance it has to fight off illness and disease. When your body needs strength to fight, it will have it. Why do you think doctors of patients fighting life-threatening issues insist upon healthy diets? (Of course, the definition of a healthy diet may be of concern as many older physicians are unaware of the latest research and trends in nutrition).

My wife and I both found that we get sick less since going Paleo. Whenever I have an injury, it seems to heal faster. My body is reacting to the world around it in a much more youthful manner than it has for many years. That’s not counting the benefits from running and exercise.

I’m 49 years old, and I’m in the National Guard. I run with kids who were often born after I first enlisted in the Marine Corps. I am able to keep up with (and often even pass them on the runs!) these young people because I eat right and exercise. I’m asked often how I do it. I tell them it’s simple: eat good food and don’t neglect your body by being sedentary. Get up, exercise, and live life. Be active, get outside, and move. It doesn’t take much.

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