I never said it was easy. I said it was simple.

The difference between easy and simple: Easy is something that is accomplished without effort. Simple is something that has few things to understand. My weight loss is the result of a lot of hard work sticking to a simple diet: Meat, vegetables, and fruits. I know that for many people, that’s hard to do, and it was hard for me, too. I love pasta, bread, beans, rice, and lots of different cheeses. Cakes, desserts, chocolate and the list goes on. But what I decided was that I was more important than the food I ate. My life, comfort, and health were more important to me than any pleasure I got out of eating foods that were not good for me or my health.

I had to break up with sugar, grains, legumes, dairy, and foods with artificial sweeteners. These foods do more harm to me than any good, and aside from being delicious, were hurting me. The weight I gained after leaving active duty came so quickly that I now have stretch marks. How did I gain the weight so quickly? By eating foods that had lots of grains, sugar, and dairy in them.

We all do things that are difficult. We’ve all succeeded at things others perceive as difficult. Having self discipline and restraining yourself from eating foods that are flat-out harmful to you is not as hard as we make it out to be. We concentrate on the things we will be doing without, the things we can no longer eat when we should be concentrating on the things we can continue to eat. Heck, I’ve been exposed to so much more good food since going Paleo that I don’t miss the foods I no longer eat. Except good pizza. Damn, I miss good pizza. But I digress.

Everyone is always on the lookout for the quick and easy way to lose weight and get into shape. Well, the bad news is that it doesn’t exist, and any product or program that says it does is flat-out lying. There is no one system that is fast and easy. To get rid of weight and to get fit takes time and effort. The good news, and this is skipped over by so many fitness-based programs, is that weight loss is 90% diet. Heck, my weight loss was 100% diet alone. I haven’t lost a lot of weight since I started getting fit. I’ve lost waist size and I’ve gotten stronger, but I haven’t lost a lot of weight. I’ve traded fat for muscle and not much more since I started running. Just change your food, what you eat, and the changes your body will make will amaze you.

Will you lose 20 lbs in your first month? Maybe. Maybe not. There are many factors involved like how much weight you need to lose overall (I had to lose over 100 lbs, so losing 20 lbs in my first month wasn’t hard) and your current level of activity and fitness. Obviously, a man who is 165 lbs at 5’7″ won’t lose 20 lbs their first month of going Paleo. They’d be lucky to lose 5 lbs. But the bottom line is that you will lose a good percentage of weight initially and see a steady decline in your weight until your body reaches a point at which it is in equilibrium with the calories in versus the calories expended. Then, you can concentrate on fine-tuning that ratio to achieve the results you’re after.

It’s not easy. It takes time. But it is do-able, it is simple, and if you stick with it, the results will come faster than you imagined. And the way you feel when you are healthy and fit? I have a hard time putting that into words, so here are a few pictures.


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