It doesn’t have to be so difficult!

I’ve seen people discussing their weight loss and the process through which they went to get there. Now, mind you, these are people who have successfully lost weight, so I won’t say that their way is wrong. How can it be: it worked! But, one of the problems I see with overly complicated weight loss and fitness plans is that not all of us want to deal with administrative work and complex fitness regimens to lose weight. I know I surely didn’t!

Some of the things I’ve seen: extreme exercise. This sort of works, but much more slowly and requires a lot of exercise and dedication. When you’re really bit (100+ lbs overweight), it’s even dangerous. Most of these people eat better and whole foods while exercising not knowing that their weight loss is actually from their diet and not the exercise. But, it makes them feel good, so okay.

Then there are the extreme loggers who weigh and log everything they eat and analyze the calories in and calories expended. This is troublesome at best. First, it’s impossible to know the exact caloric content of all foods, and second, it’s impossible to properly calculate actual calorie use. We can be close, sure, but not to the level of accuracy a lot of people claim. Also, this is a huge task for the average person to undertake after every meal. I know I don’t want to do this (and I don’t).

There are the fad dieters who jump from fad to fad because it’s the latest thing guaranteed to give you amazing results. They are always on-board for 6-8 weeks and then fall off when they realize that the diet is untenable for the long-term, bland, or just plain bad.

Diet drinks, shakes, pills, patches, powders, pre-packaged foods, etc are all another area where people fail. These things, by themselves, will not make you lose weight. Notice that every one of these products says on its label somewhere, “Coupled with a healthy diet with reasonable portions and exercise…” That’s because the weight loss comes from the healthy diet with reasonable portions and exercise.

The truth is that losing weight is simple. Not easy, but simple. Here are my rules:

  • Eat meat
  • Eat vegetables
  • Eat fruit (in moderation)
  • No sugar or artificial sweeteners
  • No grains
  • No legumes
  • No dairy

Yes, it really is that simple. Now, it’s much easier said than done. My Whole30 went well, but the first week was hell. After the first few days, the rest of the Whole30 went much better, and by the time the 30 days were up, I felt great, had a lot more energy, and had lost 20 lbs!

Don’t over-complicate things. Stick to what’s simple. They say that the easiest explanation for something is typically the truth. In this case, the simplest method is the best. Just eat good food and don’t eat foods with sugar, grains, legumes, or dairy. Done.

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