That pesky last few pounds

I’ve been having a heck of a time losing the last 7-10 lbs to my final goal. My initial goal was 175, and I’m there (and then some depending on the day), but 165 is eluding me, and it’s driving me crazy. I don’t eat anything non-Paleo, and I eat normal portions. However, I think I’m back to a problem I’ve faced in the past; not eating enough.

Last week, I started increasing my portions a bit. It’s hard to do psychologically when eating more equals more calories. However, it very well may be that I need more calories to keep my body from going into starvation mode. After some thought, I’m pretty certain my body is in starvation mode.

So, as of Monday last week, I added a cashew bread that Sherry made this weekend to my breakfasts, and my lunch portions are slightly bigger. Dinner portions are also slightly increased. So far, I’ve dropped my average weight by 2 lbs. That’s pretty incredible. If this trend holds, I should be able to be in my goal weight within another month or two. I’m excited about my results and progress so far after increasing my portion sizes slightly and I’m heartened about being able to reach my final goal again!

I’m very proud of the 140 lbs I’ve lost. I just want to lose that last 10. Dang it.

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