Bonus Paleo Benefit: No Cavities!

2015 on the left vs 2017 on the right.

For the first time in many, many years, my visit to the dentist wasn’t completely filled with sadness and despair. You see, this time, the dentist (a SUPER nice doctor at Gentle Dental Care in Spring, TX named Dr. Ali) had some great news for me: NO CAVITIES! My cleaning was also not nearly as bad as the last four or five I’ve endured in the past.

What’s different between this last visit and all the others before it? I no longer eat sugar. I have completely adopted the Paleo Diet, and I no longer eat foods with processed or added sugar or sweeteners. I also no longer eat grains, dairy, legumes, soy, or drink alcohol (except for social occasions, and even then, rarely). This diet has had many profound positive effects on my health, and this is one I didn’t expect.

She said my teeth were in good shape, and aside from some normal wear for a guy my age, nothing looked amiss. That made me super happy, and quite excited! Dental visits are something I’ve never been a fan of, but now, I don’t have to dread them anymore. If this last visit is any indication of what’s in store for me as someone on the Paleo Diet, then add easy dentist visits to the list of benefits!

Do you hate getting cavities? Hate bad news at dental visits? There’s a good chance that by adopting the Paleo Diet, you can help your teeth be healthier, too!

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